We are herbivores
More than meets the eye
We are fire
We are sounds
We are more than just sounds
We are music.

We are pink
We are blue
We are small
We are tall
There is one thing that is true and that is that we are all one.

We are martial artists
Instrument masters
Masters of our own minds
We are gamers
We are freaks
We are connected through our beliefs
Of something greater than just us.

We are old
We are young
We are all one at heart
This is the best part
We are children
We are sinners
We are more than just ministers
More than simple believers
That go out and be who we are
Who we are is much more than meets the eye
God is more than meets the eye
Our eyes are always looking up to Him
His light, his guidance, his knowledge
Tells us
Tells everyone that


youth group elgin ilSibling is a sophomore at Bartlett High School’s STEM academy. She loves going to Redefined, playing the trombone, and taking naps.