Q&A Left-Overs, Part 5

We’re doing a series during the month of July called Q&A. We’re answering any and all of your questions about the Bible, religion, our personal testimonies, etc.

You can submit questions by sending us a message on Facebook, or through our FormSpring page if you want to stay totally anonymous. 

Lex is answering one big question every Friday night, and then a panel of our leaders are fielding questions live as you text them! We don’t have time to get to all of them on a Friday night, though, so the left-overs are going to be answered here on the blog during the week.

Here are some we didn’t get to last Friday:

What do you guys think of the whole Paula Dean scandal?
(Lex’s Answer) I have no idea, and that’s my advice. Stay out of scandals and other people’s business.

In Romans 14:4, Paul writes, “Who are you to judge another man’s servant?” Take care of your own business, and let God sort out the scandals.

– – –

Is screamo worship music like Jake Hamilton wrong?
No worship music is wrong.

Just make sure it’s worship music.

Just because someone calls him/herself a Christian, and then produces music, doesn’t make it “worship” music. Just because someone is a worship leader doesn’t mean everything he/she sings is “worship” music.

Praise and worship music exalts Jesus, and/or gives Him glory and honor. “Christian” songs about people and our experiences are okay – music is a great emotional outlet, and it helps sometimes to sing a song that reminds you that someone else knows what you’re felling – but they’re not worship.

Listen to uplifting/encouraging, “Christian” music if you want to, that’s fine, but don’t try to lift your hands and stand in God’s presence and sing to Him about yourself.

– – –

Is Tim(othy) legit bald or does he just keep shaving his head? Was he a skinhead?
He keeps shaving his head. And no, never a skinhead. (Assuming you mean a racist one, because – trivia – there was actually a large anti-Nazi skinhead movement not too long ago; big group in Chicago.)

– – –

When one goes to heaven, do they (sic) look the same as they (sic) did when they died? Or do they (sic) have some other sort of visual form?
This is an excellent question that we wish we could answer. We’ve talked about it, and wondered about it, a lot ourselves.

The only evidence we have about what it might be like is Jesus after His resurrection. Here are a couple of clues:

  • His body was physical. In John 20:27, He invites Thomas to touch His hands and side, and in Luke 24:43 He eats. So you will have a physical body in heaven.
  • His body was mostly restored. Isaiah 52:14 says that Jesus was beaten so badly that His face was destroyed, but everyone who meets Him after His resurrection either recognizes Him as Jesus or just thinks He’s a normal guy. So anyone who had a physical disability, or maybe died in a bad accident, will be physically complete in heaven.

Other than that, though, it’s hard to say. If someone died as a baby, will they be a baby forever? If someone lived to be 90, will be they look 90 forever? Will we all reset to being 25-looking?

You could make the argument that since parts of the body start to deteriorate at age 20, the human body is at it’s peak around 19, so maybe we’ll all look 19. Don’t know. Can’t wait to find out!

– – –

What did God do to save His people from Satan?

He sent His only Son, He left heaven, to take on a physical human body – forever – so that He could come to the earth, live in the dirt and the sin and the temptation for 33 years, and die the most torturous/humiliating/painful death imaginable. All to pay the price for your freedom from sin and Satan.

The Bible says, in Romans 6:23, that the “wages” of sin is death. A wage is something you earn, like a paycheck. When you sin, you earn death. The same verse says that the free gift of God is eternal life in (or through) Jesus. Take. The. Gift.

Satan still has spiritual dominion over the earth, until Jesus comes back. He is still fighting to take people down, and enslave them in sin, but if we give our lives to Jesus, He can protect and keep them for Himself.

– – –

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