Q&A Left-Overs, Part 3

We’re doing a series during the month of July called Q&A. We’re answering any and all of your questions about the Bible, religion, our personal testimonies, etc.

You can submit questions by sending us a message on Facebook, or through our FormSpring pageif you want to stay totally anonymous. 

Lex is answering one big question every Friday night, and then a panel of our leaders are fielding questions live as you text them! We don’t have time to get to all of them on a Friday night, though, so the left-overs are going to be answered here on the blog during the week.

Here are some we didn’t get to last Friday:

How many Big Macs can Tim eat at once?
None. Gross.

– – –

Is an (sic) guardian angel as creepy as demons?
I don’t know if “creepy” is the right term. “Terrifying,” maybe. Yes.

It seems like almost every time an angel appears in scripture it has to tell someone, “Do not fear.” Just read through the Christmas story. “Mary, don’t be afraid.” “Shepherds, don’t be afraid.” Apparently they’re terrifying.

Daniel gives a pretty vivid description of the angel he saw in 10:5-6. Sounds pretty scary.

– – –

Would you please read and explain all of Psalms?

– – –

If you are depressed to the point of being suicidal, how can you let God take control of your life?
First of all, if you have ever considered suicide, PLEASE talk to someone immediately – a pastor or a counselor or a parent. Someone who can help you. You won’t want to. It will seem awkward and uncomfortable and weird. You will be overwhelmed with thoughts like, “What is that person going to think of you if you tell him/her?”

Please. Tell someone. Anyway.

Then, you let God take control of your life the same way everyone else does – step by step, you let go and trust Him.

It’s not easy for anyone to do, and it can seem even harder if you’re being bombarded with lies like, “You’re worthless,” and “God’s mad at you,” and “You’re not good enough to be a Christian.” That’s all garbage.

You need to see yourself the way God sees you. If you are a Christian:

  • Romans 5:1 says that you are justified by Jesus and at peace with God.
  • John 1:12 says you are His child. (And He is a good Father. If you have a bad earthly Father, and being God’s “child” doesn’t sound like something you want to be, pray that He would teach you what that means and try this next one in the meantime.)
  • John 15:14 says you are His friend.
  • Colossians 2:10 says you are complete in Jesus.
  • Ephesians 3:12 says that you can come to God with freedom and confidence.

If you are not a Christian:

  • Romans 5:8 says that Jesus died for you too. (You still have to choose, though, but it’s not too late.)
  • Psalm 34:18 says that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted. (He won’t do anything without your partnership, but He hasn’t abandoned you.)
  • Isaiah 61:1 prophesies that Jesus would come to heal the broken-hearted and set prisoners free.

Believe the truth about yourself, not the lies you’re hearing in your head. Get to a good youth group or a good Sunday morning church service, and get involved. Start reading a Bible on your own time. Talk to God, and then listen for Him to talk back to you.

And please, please tell someone if you have thoughts of suicide.