Miko in Mexico

In January, 2016, we sent out our first full-time, international missionary.

Miko graduated high school, and graduated from Redefined, and made the bold decision to dedicate a year of her life to advancing the gospel overseas. After a lot of prayer, she felt God calling her to Mexico and signed up to partner with Pastor Tony Simon and the team at La Fuente Ministries in Tepic, Nayarit.

She spoke very little Spanish when she got on the plane, and knew no one in Tepic. The plan was to participate in La Fuente’s one year ministry leadership school, and serve in whatever local church (La Fuente had 13 when she got there) they needed her in. She set off with no plan but to be obedient and serve.

You can follow her journey on her blog, Miko In Mexico.

If you are getting ready to graduate, and you’re interested in taking a year or so to spread the gospel overseas, let us know. We know pastors and missionaries all over the world—from Mexico, to South Africa, to Cambodia, and more—who would love to have some fresh help.