Get ready to spend another week spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth with an amazing group of people. Our week at Love Packages is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth it.

What is Love Packages?

Love Packages is a missionary organization in central Illinois that collects used Christian literature and ships it all over the world to people who desperately need it. Check out their FAQ page.

What Do You Do at Love Packages?

Save lives, change eternities … the usual. We work a 40-hour work week in the shipping and receiving warehouses doing whatever Steve and the team tell us to do. You might sort incoming material, organize pieces for shipping, strap sets together on banding machines, stuff boxes, pack pallets, load 20-foot shipping containers—who knows?!

Is it hard work? Yes.
Will we go easy on you because you’re young? Absolutely not.
Is it awesome? You have no idea.

You will also get to share lunch and an afternoon break with guys who have been doing this for decades, and hear testimonies and stories from the field about how the smallest piece of literature saved a life, or a family, or an entire village. And then you get to go back to the warehouse and be a part of it.

love packages warehouse

Why Love Packages?

Part of our mission is to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. We like overseas missions trips, but they’re expensive (in several ways), and we don’t want something like money to get in the way of what we’re called to do. We can have an amazing week, work just as hard, and be just as effective, at Love Packages for $100.

We’re definitely not against overseas missions trips (not even short-term ones). In fact, we hope to be overseas next summer. Nothing can compare to the experience, but the experience can also create limitations.

Who Can Go to Love Packages?

Middle School and High School students (and recent High School grads).

When Are You Going?

We do not have an upcoming trip scheduled, but stay tuned!

love packages container