There is a lost little girl, maybe you’ve been where she is, maybe you’re headed there.

She hears a voice in the quiet when she is alone the voice is dark and cold, like a shark it strikes fear into her young, fragile heart. Sure, there are days she puts on a show with makeup and smiles and acts like she isn’t lost and alone and terrified of the face she sees staring at her in the mirror, but it’s a lie.

The thing she fears most in the world is that voice in the quiet moments. The one telling her she is too damaged to be loved, too broken, too messed up and used to be worth anything anymore.

She sees other girls with their lives together and smiles — surely those girls don’t have this darkness inside them telling those shining bright souls they aren’t good enough to be loved, since they so obviously are.

Today the dark, cold voice finds her in her busy day where she hides from it, it laughs at her and tells her she is dirty and broken — she knows the voice is right and she sinks into a corner as she feels the tears well up in her eyes, as the voice keeps attacking her already broken heart the tears fall first slowly then they stream steady and hot. She wants the pain to end, she is ready to give up. 

“I love you,” a warm soft voice says.

The tears in her eyes freeze as if suspended by magic. She listens to this new voice, “You are my daughter and I love you.” It whispers to her broken battered heart. “ You will never be beyond my love, no matter how broken, used, angry and hurt you may be, you are my princess and I will cherish you.”

As she listens, the frozen shards of her shattered, battered heart soften; there is pain but it isn’t unbearable. “Give it time, child of mine,” the voice says, the voice feels like warm summer sunlight on her heart chasing away the dark cold voice that wants to smother her.

She knows now she has been found, and although it might take the rest of her life to fully heal she trust the warm, loving voice to help her through anything life throws at her. She knows mistakes happen and so do pain and heartbreak, but she never has to be truly alone.


Pic Writer MelanieMelanie is a home-schooled high school senior. She has seven little brothers, and she likes martial arts and chocolate.